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Château d'Yquem - Sauternes - 1er Cru Supérieur Classé - 2009 - 375ml (Half Bottle) | French Dessert Wine

Wine Type: White

ABV: 14.8%

Vintage: 2009

Varietal: Sémillon

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux, Sauternes

Bottle Size: 375ml

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The pleasure derived from tasting Yquem is difficult to describe. It offers a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time. The impression that remains is reminiscent of a quote from Frédéric Dard "the silence that follows a piece by Mozart, in which the listener remains suffused with the music". This reflects the fact that Château d'Yquem stays on the palate for a remarkable long time, providing a unique, prolonged pleasure. There is a lovely expression in French to describe Yquem's tremendously long aftertaste: il fait la queue du paon, which means that it spreads out like a peacock's tail.
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes:
It is always difficult to describe wine-tasting experiences with any precision. The senses of sight, smell, Taste and touch are all stimulated virtually at the same time. While gifted Tasters can identify some of the aromas and flavours in a glass of Yquem in an effort to define its complexity, they never really succeed in communicating its essence or explaining its mystery. Mere analysis, whether chemical or organoleptic, is not sufficient to account for Yquem's greatness. Yquem tells a unique story... It starts with the bouquet. Although not always very outgoing in young vintages, it is marked by fruit (apricot, mandarin, and occasionally tropical fruit) and oak (vanilla and toasty aromas). Older vintages, on the other hand, have an extraordinarily complex fragrance as soon as the bottle is opened, with hints of dried fruit (dried apricot, prune, stewed fruit, and marmalade), spice (cinnamon, saffron, and liquorice), and even flowers (lime blossom, etc.). The first impression of Château d'Yquem on the Taste is always very silky, and often sumptuous. It then fills out, "coating the Taste". This fine wine has a strong, but never overbearing character, with great elegance and poise. It always maintains a balance between sugar and acidity (sweetness and freshness). A touch of bitterness can also contribute to the OVERALL harmony. Château d'Yquem's afterTaste is legendary, and it tells another story, which lasts and lasts…
Food Pairing
Food Pairing:
Fruity desserts, Blue cheese
Wine Type:
Dessert Wine
Bordeaux, Sauternes
Bottle Size:
Sweet Dessert Wine
Bordeaux Sauternes
Chateau d'Yquem
Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2015: 3 Stars Coup de Coeur
Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2014: 3 Stars Coup de Coeur
Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2013: 3 Stars Coup de Coeur
Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2012: 3 Stars Coup de Coeur
Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2011: 3 Stars Coup de Coeur

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You're reviewing: Château d'Yquem - Sauternes - 1er Cru Supérieur Classé - 2009 - 375ml (Half Bottle) | French Dessert Wine

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