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Filliers Barrel Aged Gin | Belgium Gin

Spirit Type: Gin

Country: Belgium

ABV: 43.7%

Bottle size: 50cl

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A barrel aged gin from Belgian maestros Filliers. This is their Dry Gin 28, so called because it contains 28 botanicals, aged for 4 months in ex-Cognac Limousin oak barrles with a medium char.
This unique gin rests in French medium charred Limousin oak barrels (300l), originally used for cognac for four months before being bottled. Barrel-aging tends to tame the flower and citrus notes in the gin and enhance the rounder, softer notes, as well as touches of vanilla, flowers and liquorice.
Filliers takes their Dry Gin, which is made by infusing 28 botanicals in addition to juniper into a neutral spirit. It is then distilled in pot-stills in small batches. For this product, that gin is then placed in 200-Liter medium-charred French Limousin oak which previously held Cognac. It is aged for four months. It is bottled at 43.7% ABV and is available throughout Europe.
Filliers Dry Gin 28 is proud heir to a rich Belgian culinary tradition. In addition to its world famous beer culture and gourmet chocolates, Belgium is also the country that consistently has the highest number of Michelin stars per head of the population. Even more than France!

Color: The color of Filliers Barrel Aged Gin is somewhat blonde, or champagne colored. It has only a faint yellow hue to it, remarkably lighter than other aged gins we’ve tried here.
Nose:: The nose is at first oaky, but it quickly unravels revealing more depth: juniper, lemon and butter dominate at first, before faintly dissipating. The mid and low notes are still of the same ilk, but with a touch more ethanol on the nose.
Palate: The palate of Filliers Barrel Aged Gin begins with just a touch of heat before juniper and coriander begin to come through. Warm, very gin-like spice emerges and this is where things gets interesting. Other notes begin to bubble up mid-palate where a fruity, almost strawberry and pomegranate note comes through. As it becomes clearer, that fruity note becomes more obvious and lemon and orange. We had wrote in our notes “orange spice cake,” and “lemon loaf”*. More specifically, as we look a bit closer, notes of vanilla, butter, orange, and lemon come through. It’s really quite startling and refreshing. It fades into a finish that is a touch butter and oak. Quite interesting, and although not as powerful as other aged gins, it was worth sipping on its own.

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Brand Filliers

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