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Filliers Tangerine Dry Gin | Belgium Gin

Spirit Type: Gin

Country: Belgium

ABV: 43.7%

Bottle size: 50cl

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For this gin, we use premium mandarin oranges from the Valencia region of Spain. They are the fruit of an exclusive course of sunshine therapy enjoyed between November and January, carefully selected for their beauty, freshness and flavour. We carefully distil this small batch gin five times in traditional copper pot stills. Taste the Mediterranean in our Filliers Dry Gin 28 Tangerine.
The distillery released a Tangerine Filliers Dry Gin 28 version in 2013 and the variant makes for an interesting summery gin. They do not infuse the gin with Tangerines, rather they alter the recipe so that the fruits are distilled in with the other botanicals. It’s bottled at 43.7% ABV yet seems to carry the same weight of flavours as their original. The tangerines are evident on the nose, with their distinct citrus acidity upfront. There’s the familiar sweetness that it shares with their classic offering too, alongside an earthiness that grounds the aroma. To taste, the citrus recedes fast, allowing the juniper, cardamom and other botanicals to bloom and transform the gin into a multilayered proposition. This is not a one trick pony – it’s actually well rounded gin with a big tangerine element. It’s an interesting sister product and one to taste if you ever get the chance.
From Belgian distillers Filliers' comes another variation on their Dry Gin 28, this time featuring a fresh breeze of pine blossom running through its centre. Rich and earthy, the Filliers' Dry Gin 28 Pine Blossom is intensely refreshing and easily stands out in cocktails.
Filliers Dry Gin 28 is proud heir to a rich Belgian culinary tradition. In addition to its world famous beer culture and gourmet chocolates, Belgium is also the country that consistently has the highest number of Michelin stars per head of the population. Even more than France!

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Additional Info

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Brand Filliers

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