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Hakkaisan - Daiginjo 720ml | Japanese Sake

Spirit Type: Sake

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Country: Japan

ABV: 15.5%

Bottle Size: 720ml

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Hakkaisan Daiginjo has a flavor that is very clean and elegant, just like the snow covered Hakkaisan mountain. Select high quality sake rice is polished down to 40% remaining and only brewed during the coldest mid-winter season. This sake is crafted using the love and superior skills of our brewery workers. The cold and slow fermentation process creates a truly high quality Daiginjo.
This is a classic Daiginjo from a classic sake brewery known for making world class sake. The nose on this brew is filled with vibrant fruit tones such as cherries, mango, and sweet rice aromas. Talk about an explosive fruity Daiginjo that is very lively in the palate. Look for cherry, melon, ripe apple flavors that ride on a smooth fluid that has a quick finish. Juicy and fruit-forward with a plump and great mouth feeling. Very good acidity play that makes this premium sake drinks silky and balanced.

Founded in 1922, Hakkaisan Brewery is situated at the foot of Mount Hakkai in Niigata. The spring water that flows from the mountain is used to produce its sake.
The guiding principles of the brewery are to produce the finest sake that people will never tire of, to apply the highest standards of production to all its sakes, and in order to achieve the smooth wonderfully pure and mellow flavors of Hakkaisan sake, the Brewery insists on producing in small batches, using hand-made koji and slow fermentation at low temperatures.
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