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South West

The South West region was first cultivated by the Romans and had a flourishing wine trade long before the Bordeaux area was planted. It was not until the 70s that the South West takes off and builds its identity. Because the South West has so many fine indigenous grape varieties combined with such a wide range of soils, it offers an extraordinary diversity of wine styles and flavours. In fact, South West’s use of rare, obscure local grapes is part of what makes the region's wines so diverse.

The wines of the South West are produced in a maritime climate with continental influences. The summers are very hot, with mild, sunny autumns that are almost like Indian summers and long, cool rainy winters and springs. This climate is well suited for winegrowing. In addition to its consistent weather conditions, the diversity of the region’s soils plays a large role in the character of the wines, yielding a wide range of different expressions.

From the mild, rainy climate of the Basque Country to the dry, limestone terroirs of Cahors, and represent a diverse collection of wines, including fine sweet wines, fruity whites and massive reds.

From the sensuously sweet wines of Jurançon to the monumental reds of Madiran and from the perfumed, easy-drinking wines of Fronton to the new black wine of Cahors, there is so much to choose from. There are deliciously delicate rosés, crisply fragrant dry whites and the apple-like sparkling wines of Gaillac.

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