Wyborowa Blue - 50ml Miniature | Polish Vodka

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Spirit Type: Vodka
Country: Poland
ABV: 40%
Bottle Size: 50ml

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The famous Polish bestseller: Wyborowa is a double distilled rye vodka with the emphasis on quality, even its name means premium. Full-bodied yet still extremely smooth, Wyborowa is a cut above standard vodka brands. A vodka of exceptional quality, each bottle of Wyborowa bears the official stamp of the Polish Vodka Association, signifying that it meets all of the rigorous criteria to be classified as a Polish vodka. Made of 100% rye grain and the purest of local well water, Wyborowa today is the number one Polish vodka in its country of origin.

Wyborowa, or Wybo for short, is the culmination of over 500 years of Polish vodka craftsmanship. Created in 1927, it was the first Polish vodka to be recognized as a global icon, having received numerous awards and accolades since its inception.


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Wyborowa Blue

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