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Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Foie gras (pronounced "fwah-grah") is considered a delicacy around the world. French for "fat liver," foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose that has been enlarged through a special feeding technique. Although popularized in France, foie gras actually has been around since the Ancient Egyptians.

There are a few traditional methods for cooking foie gras, from simply searing whole in a hot pan to pureeing and making it into a mousse. It melts easily, so while it is often prepared with high heat such as pan-searing.

A terrine of foie gras is actually one of the purest forms of preparations: The pieces of liver are layered in a loaf pan along with a bit of Sauternes or Armagnac and then the mold is weighted down, baked, chilled, and then sliced.

Foie Gras has its own rituals. It can be enjoyed as is. But there are certain flavours for which Foie Gras has a clear preference:

The traditional accompaniments:
Freshly baked or lightly toasted country bread and toasted sandwich bread have rightly become great favourites.
But also : Traditional baguettes or even wholemeal baguettes which are all the rage at the moment, Poilâne-style sourdough bread is also a popular accompaniment for Foie Gras.
Fruit bread is worth a try!
Try a piece of Foie Gras on a slice of lightly toasted fruit bread. You'll find the combination of sweet and savoury flavours utterly irresistible.
To fully appreciate the flavour of Foie Gras melt-in-the-mouth, try it on toast.
Wines & Champagnes
There are few wine-food comibinations as sublime as Foie Gras and its wide variety of matching crus. Foie Gras and a sweet syrupy wine such as Sauternes is simply exquisite. All the wines of southwest France such as Jurançon or Monbazillac, sweet Bergerac, a pungent Loupiac, or a Sainte-Croix-du-Mont bring out the best in Foie Gras.

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