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Hampden Estate - Great House Distillery Edition | Jamaican Rum

Spirit Type: Rum

Country: Jamaica

ABV: 59%

Bottle Size: 700ml

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Founded in 1779, the Great House (“habitation” in French) of the Jamaican distillery Hampden was used as a warehouse for storing barrels until the early 1900s. A blend of Hampden OWH (80-120 grams of esters) distilled in 2013 (80%) and Hampden DOK (1,500-1,600 grams of esters) distilled in 2017 (20%, this version immediately immerses us in the heady, captivating and almost bewitching universe of rums produced by the distillery, considered by specialists to be Jamaica’s most authentic. Intensely medicinal, mineral and wonderfully oxidative, the palette of flavours and aromas also radiates fruity and floral freshness.

The powerful first nose is medicinal, camphoric, hot, fruity (very ripe pineapple) and slightly tarry. Allowed to breathe, it gently develops into molasses, notes of pipe tobacco and heady florals (tuberose). With time, it becomes increasingly fruity (pear, peach). The taut attack is mineral (basalt), chocolate, liquorice and fruity (pineapple, William’s pear). The empyreumatic mid-palate is then tarry but also tangy (orange zest). The creamy start of the finish is rich (vanilla cake, mille- feuille). The flavour palette becomes continually more sophisticated. The retro-nasal olfaction is powdery (cocoa), spicy (cinnamon) and refreshing.
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes:
Burnished gold with copper tinges.

Rich, powerful. The very medicinal and camphoric first nose is also hot (Cayenne, paprika), fruity (banana, very ripe pineapple) and slightly tarmacy, tarry and rubbery. It gently develops into molasses, notes of pipe tobacco, cut hay and heady florals (lily, tuberose, daisy). With time, it opens up into different fruity (pear, peach, candied apricot) and honeyed (cherry, royal jelly) registers whose balance are equalled only by their beauty.

Taut, lively. The very powerful attack is mineral (basalt, manganese), chocolatey, liquorice and fruity (pineapple, greengage plum, Mirabelle plum, William’s pear). The mid-palate is empyreumatic (rubber, tar), vanilla, chocolatey and herbaceous (tobacco). The deliciously tannic end of the palate reveals remarkably smooth flavours of citrus fruit zest, banana and dried fig. The fruit brings just the right amount of freshness to balance the end of the palate.

Long, creamy. The start of the finish invites us to sit and admire the path travelled since the start of the tasting. After the power of the nose and the energy of the palate, with rare richness, the palate reveals incredibly natural flavours of vanilla cake, rum baba and mille-feuille. On the retro- nasal olfaction, cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa powder delicately envelop the palate in a particularly refreshing bitterness. The empty glass reveals superb notes of warm molasses, toasted walnut and sesame.
Bottle Size:
Hampden Estate

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