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Manille Liqueur de Calamansi - 50ml Miniature | Filipino Liqueur

Spirit Type: Liqueur

Country: Philippines

ABV: 27.5%

Bottle Size: 50ml

Availability: In stock

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Manille captures the essence of calamansi using the citrus fruit’s rinds to make a drink that is zesty, fresh and packed with an intense citrus aroma in a vodka base. An all natural product with no added flavoring whatsoever. It is perfect as a digestif or as a drink to cleanse the palate between courses. You can also take it as a chilled shot or on the rocks for a refreshing long drink. It can also be use it to prepare sweet and savory dishes that require any kind of zesty kick. Manille Liqueur de Calamansi will surely give your cocktails or dishes a unique twist.

This calamansi liqueur makes use of actual fruit from the farms of Mindoro. You can’t get more local than a calamansi liqueur making use of actual fruit from the farms of Mindoro. It’s our own take on the Italian limon liqueur, and is also meant to be a palate cleanser. The liqueur itself is a pale yellow color, and at first glance, you’d easily mistake it for ordinary calamansi juice.

The smell of alcohol comes in strong and clean, making the presence of vodka obvious right off the bat. You then get a whiff of fresh calamansi right after the alcohol scent fades away. Both are pleasant and refreshing, two things which are always welcome in a digestif.

Now comes in glass bottles.
Bottle Size:
Destileria Limtuaco & Co Inc.

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