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Scrappy's - Lime | American Bitters

Spirit Type: Bitters

Country: United States

ABV: 49.1%

Bottle Size: 148ml

Availability: In stock

One of a series of bitters from a relatively new company in Seattle Washington (although truth be told anyone other than Fee, Angostura, Underberg and Peychauds - all in business for over 100 years - is a relative newcomer). Founded by Thomas Miles of Tavern Law a couple years ago after making homemade bitters at the bar because of the lack of any decent commercial bitters (much like a few other small bitters companies).
Intense lime zest with a light muted juiciness that tastes much like lingering finish after one bites into a lime. Scrappy's Lime Bitters allows you to experience the bright and flavorful lime essences without the massive sour attack. The ingredients include fresh organic lime peel along with organic herbs and spices. These bitters might be a bit much for the likes of a Margarita but would work great in a cocktail that needs a bit of a balance and may have some sour grapefruit base or a tequila-based drink. If your cocktail ingredients seem a bit unbalanced but has a nice acidity, perhaps some Scrappy's Lime Bitters can come to the rescue.
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes:
Clear with gold tint, appropriately slightly oily body to it makes it easy to use without over doing it. Does not have the dyes others use to color to darken their bitters and hence has a very natural look.

Very much a lime skin and oils rather than lime flowers/blossoms smell, with a bitter almost alkali/dry notes backstopping the floral.

Lime oil, gentian, cinchona bark or similar bitter agent and a few other nuances mixed in with the lime oils. Imagine all the elements of a really good gin and tonic (without the gin) in a single drop. Finish is a puckering almost desert dry.

A really intriguing bitter to play with and a useful addition to any mixologists armamentarium. Highly recommended as something that you should keep near to hand in your bar if you want to come up with some serious new cocktails an to breathe some new life into the dustier classics.
United States
Bottle Size:

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