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El Lobo de la Sierra - Joven | Mexican Mezcal

Spirit Type: Mezcal

Country: Mexico

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 700ml

Availability: In stock

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El Lobo de la Sierra Joven is a brand of mezcal produced in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mezcal is a traditional Mexican spirit made from the agave plant, and El Lobo de la Sierra Joven is made using a variety of agave species, including espadín, tobalá, and madrecuishe.

El Lobo de la Sierra Joven is a joven, or young, mezcal, meaning it is made from agaves that have not reached full maturity. This gives the mezcal a fresh, bright flavor profile with notes of citrus, herbs, and spices. It is typically enjoyed neat or in cocktails, and is often sipped as a digestif after a meal.

The brand takes its name from the El Lobo de la Sierra, a mountain range located in the Sierra Madre del Sur in Oaxaca. The brand is known for its commitment to traditional production methods and its use of sustainable, organic farming practices.

In addition to its joven mezcal, El Lobo de la Sierra also produces a range of aged mezcals, including a reposado and an añejo. These aged mezcals have a richer, more complex flavor profile, with notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel.

Overall, El Lobo de la Sierra Joven is a high-quality, authentic brand of mezcal that is deeply rooted in the rich culture and traditions of Oaxaca. It is a great choice for those looking to experience the true character and flavor of Mexican mezcal.
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes:
Nose is complex yet not overwhelming.

This is extremely rich and very balanced in taste.

Quite rich and lovely smooth texture.
Bottle Size:
Lobo de la Sierra Raicilla

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